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Unlocking Possibilities: Magic Eden Wallet x Liquidium

Learn about Liquidium, Magic Eden Wallet's latest perk partner and how you can start earning 1.25x Liquidium points
Unlocking Possibilities: Magic Eden Wallet x Liquidium

February 19, 2024

By therealmiso, Product Marketing Lead for Magic Eden Wallet

Welcome back, wallet fam! As the Magic Eden Wallet month of perks continues, we wanted to announce our new partnership with Bitcoin’s leading peer-to-peer lending platform Liquidium. Starting today, our brand new wallet is officially integrated and ready for usage on Liquidium! Keep scrolling to learn more about our partnership, and our exclusive 1.25x point multiplier promotion.

What is Liquidium and why did we Partner with them?

Liquidium is a peer-to-peer BTC only lending platform that uses Ordinal Inscriptions as collateral. Founded in 2022, the team has quickly become the predominant lending platform in the space, and is constantly innovating to bring the latest technology and best value to Ordinals collectors.

Because of these qualities and values, we believe that Liquidium is the perfect team to join forces with to grow the BTC and Ordinals community; users can now easily connect their Magic Eden wallet to the platform and begin lending their inscriptions.

1.25x Multiplier for Magic Eden Wallet Users on Liquidium

To celebrate this partnership, we wanted to stay true to our values and give back to the Ordinals community. Starting today, Liquidium is rewarding Magic Eden Wallet users with a first-of-its-kind, exclusive 1.25x multiplier. This means that any points earned through the Magic Eden Wallet between the 19th of February at 11 am PST and 19th of March at 11 am PST will get a boost! How does it work?

  • Both lenders and borrowers receive points for each BTC of loan volume, with 1 BTC equating to 100,000 points. 
  • Lenders receive 100% of points upon initiating the loan, while borrowers earn 50% at the start and the remaining 50% upon full loan repayment. 

While the Liquidium points are not currently not redeemable, these points will become eligible for redemption later this year, and the team has shared that they have plans to continue to grow and expand their program for their users.

How to Get Started with Magic Eden Wallet on Liquidium

Navigating this integration is straightforward and user-friendly, requiring just a few simple steps. 

  1. Make sure you have the Magic Eden Wallet Chrome extension (you can download here!) 
  2. Visit the Liquidium platform at https://liquidium.fi/.
  3. Click “Connect” at the top right, and select “Magic Eden”.

Enjoy the enhanced features of Magic Eden Wallet while managing your Ordinals and engaging in peer-to-peer Bitcoin lending.

Meet the Team & Learn More

Want to meet the team behind the leading Ordinals lending platform? Join us on 2/20 for a Magic Eden x Liquidium X Space to discuss everything Bitcoin DeFi and the newly integrated ME Wallet! From learning about the start up journey to tips and tricks on how to lend on the platform, we know that you’re in for a good time.

Get in touch with Liquidium through Discord and X

Happy Borrowing & Lending!

Start Lending Ordinals Today

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