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A Month of Magic: Unlocking Exclusive Perks with Magic Eden Wallet

Embark on a new adventure with the global launch of Magic Eden Wallet. Discover the key features that make this wallet a game-changer, explore exclusive perks including free Open Editions, boosted odds for hot mint allowlists, and more. Join us as we celebrate a month of magic, making it one step easier for everyone to collect.
A Month of Magic: Unlocking Exclusive Perks with Magic Eden Wallet

January 29th, 2024

By therealmiso, Product Marketing Lead for Magic Eden Wallet

Welcome! It’s been a while since we last posted about our wallet beta, and today, we’re so excited to finally bring our Magic Eden Wallet to the public and share details on perks we’re giving back to the community. As the one-stop wallet for NFTs across SOL and BTC, with benefits for both collectors and traders, the Magic Eden Wallet is revolutionizing the industry.

In this post, we’ll cover the features we’re most proud of in our wallet, the incredible perks that our team has lined up for you, and how to access them. Buckle up and join us for the ride!

Wallet’s Origin Story & Offerings

2023 was a huge year for Magic Eden - we spent the year focused on creating a platform that best fits the ecosystem today; offering the widest range of NFTs & Ordinals across chains and great UX for collectors.

As the team made great strides in the NFT & Ordinals space, it became clear there was a missing complementary piece critical to convenience: a singular wallet that allows users to seamlessly manage and collect NFTs across major chains.

With our core users in mind, our small (but mighty!) team built out core features that make Magic Eden Wallet a game-changer for NFT collectors:

1. Your One-Stop Wallet for NFTs across SOL and BTC:

  • NFT Collection Management: Seamlessly view and manage your entire NFT collection, track pricing, collection value, and transaction history, all within the app. List and accept offers directly from your wallet, streamlining your NFT trading experience.
  • Magic Eden Integration: Be the first to experience a digital wallet directly integrated with an NFT platform. View, purchase, list, and sell SOL NFTs directly from your wallet, while adhering to the latest wallet standards across SOL & BTC for a safe connection to dapps.
  • Security and Trust: Developed in collaboration with the Exodus wallet team, the Magic Eden wallet prioritizes security. Thorough audits by Halborn ensure transaction safety, and Blowfish scans transactions for added security. The open-sourcing of the keychain module post-launch further enhances transparency and trust

2. The Best Wallet for the Adventurous NFT Collector & Trader:

  • Easy, Instant In-App Swaps, Bridging, and Top-Ups: Whether importing existing wallets or topping up in-app, Magic Eden Wallet makes it easy to quickly start swapping across chains, including BTC to SOL, ensuring you have the funds you need for your NFT adventures.
  • Native Ordinals and BRC-20 Support: Enjoy seamless interactions with Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens within the app. Send, receive, or purchase Ordinals, view full transaction history, and send any BRC-20 tokens – all from the convenience of your wallet.
  • End-to-End Rare Sats Management: All your sats, all in one seamless ecosystem. Open your wallet to view your sats and use the Magic Eden platform to quickly list your sats, providing a comprehensive solution for your NFT collection journey.

Magic Eden Wallet: Your Passport to Exclusive Benefits

While we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response from testers about our wallet, this launch isn't just about slick UIs or innovative  features – it's about giving back to our community of collector enthusiasts.

This Month of Perks is our way of expressing gratitude to the early adopters and welcoming new users into a realm where their wallet isn't just a tool, but an experience. Let's dive back into the exclusive perks awaiting Magic Eden Wallet users during the month of February:

1. Open Editions Extravaganza:

Throughout February, Magic Eden will release free Open Editions in-wallet from acclaimed NFT projects such as Claynosaurz, Degenerate Ape Academy, and MonkeDAO. These limited-time mints are ours and our partners’ gifts to Magic Eden Wallet users, providing a unique opportunity to expand your NFT collection.

2. The Preferred Wallet for @InkonBTC:

We're excited to be partnering with INK to offer ME Wallet Users a boost in odds to access the allow list for their upcoming collection launch. Be among the first to explore and collect the latest from INK.

3. Point Multipliers & Airdrops:

As a Magic Eden Wallet user, you'll enjoy a preferred 1.25x Liquidium points multiplier on their Ordinal lending platform. Plus, with Saturn, use the Magic Eden wallet in order to get boosted odds for an airdrop for $MOON. And last but not least, tune in later in the month for an update on a special perk with CryptoSlam!

Get Started & Join the Celebration

The Magic Eden Wallet is available via chrome extension globally, and we’ve launched a whole website to help you get started at wallet.magiceden.io:

For information on dates and claim details for each perk, please visit wallet.magiceden.io/perks-benefits.

Get Ready for a Magical Experience

Whether you're an early adopter or a newcomer, the Magic Eden Wallet promises an extraordinary journey filled with exclusive benefits. The month of perks is just the beginning of what Magic Eden Wallet has in store for our users. Let's make this month a celebration of NFTs, community, and the boundless possibilities that Magic Eden Wallet brings to your collecting adventure - we’re so happy to be embarking on this journey of building with you.

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