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May Mayhem: Magic Eden Wallet May Perks Update

Ready for new perks? Check out what the ME Wallet team has cookin’ for May. More perks, more benefits - exclusive to the Magic Eden Wallet.
May Mayhem: Magic Eden Wallet May Perks Update

May 8, 2024

By psalm

May is underway; will “Sell in May & go away” hold strong or are we going to rip new highs? Personally, I’m ready for much higher (NFA).

Our fresh shipment of perks for May has now arrived! Make sure to take full advantage of these opportunities that are exclusive to Magic Eden wallet. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff?

But really quickly before getting into the perks,

Magic Eden Wallet has also added support for the following:

RUNES! Hot and fresh out of the oven, Magic Eden stays on top of all things BTC. View all your precious runes in wallet.

BASE! The EVM take over is now beginning, view both Base NFTs and tokens with ease.

LEDGER! For all you responsible folks, you can now import your Ledger into the ME wallet.

And now..

Perks Available for All ME Wallet Users

May 8 -
Nyan Heroes: Nyan's Open Edition will grant holders a unique in-game player icon and a one-time points redemption for their S2 airdrop campaign.
May 15 - Steady Stack: For a limited time, Steady Stack will be releasing a free Open Edition featuring Emmy!
May 18 - Lingo: Connect to Lingo's social-fi with your Magic Eden Wallet, and earn an exclusive bonus for your $LINGO airdrop!
May 22 -
Alphabot: Connect and use Magic Eden wallet on Alphabot for exciting rewards that are coming soon.
May 23 - Block Games: Holders of Block Games OE NFT inside their Magic Eden Wallet, who connect to BlockGames will be participating to win a share of 250k xBLOCK
May 28 -
Destiny of Gods: Post game launch, eligible ME wallet users will earn multiplier points and be eligible for future campaigns.

That wraps up May! Stay tuned for our next wave of perks in June. Connect with Magic Eden Wallet and enjoy all the exclusive perks and privileges that come with it!

If you ever need a reminder, head over to our wallet perks page: https://wallet.magiceden.io/perks-benefits

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