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June Boom: Magic Eden Wallet June Perks Update

Ready for new perks? Check out what the ME Wallet team has cookin’ for June. More perks, more benefits - exclusive to the Magic Eden Wallet.
June Boom: Magic Eden Wallet June Perks Update

June 7, 2024

By psalm

Summer is here and the weather isn’t the only thing heating up 🔥 Magic Eden Wallet is here to present a new lineup of perks for June!

From OEs to point boosts to free loot boxes, enjoy a variety of benefits from our partners!.

Let’s get into the perks! Launch dates are not specified yet so be sure to keep tabs on our socials for when activations go live.

Perks Available for All ME Wallet Users

  • Lingo: Connect your Magic Eden wallet starting June 15th and earn a 10% bonus for your $LINGO airdrop!
  • Hybrid: Participation in their ongoing airdrop/questing campaign using the Magic Eden Wallet will reward you with a kickstarter XP boost and a free NFT that multiplies XP earned!
  • Mezo - Deposit in Mezo with a Magic Eden wallet and boost your HODL score! Use the Magic Eden referral code [coming soon] to further boost your HODL score.
  • Rize - Get early access and a points airdrop for RIZE by registering with Magic Eden Wallet. Meet the first deposit goal of $1,000 USD to activate.
  • Rune #16 🔮RARE•WIZARD•ORB - Active MagicEden Wallet users from 5/25-6/8 will have whitelist for a free Phase 1 $ORB mint on 6/9.
  • MixMob - Claim your collectible in-wallet & flex it in game. If you hold the MixMob OE NFT and $5+ worth of MXM with the same wallet you will be eligible for our 1.5M MXM Airdrop. Snapshot will be taken July 26th.
  • LuckySea - Active Magic Eden wallet users through June will enjoy free loot boxes on our platform for a chance at amazing prizes. Snapshot on June 30th!
  • Flip.GG - Current and new active ME wallet users will be granted a lootbox for a chance at winning greater prizes!
  • Alphabot - Coming soon! Connect and use Magic Eden wallet on Alphabot soon for exciting future rewards

Whew that was a lot. Stay tuned for our next wave of perks in July. Connect with Magic Eden Wallet and enjoy all the exclusive perks and privileges that come with it!

Keep in mind that new perks may be added into June so be sure to check our wallet page: https://wallet.magiceden.io/perks-benefits

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