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No Fools Here: Magic Eden Wallet April Perks Update

Ready for new perks? Check out what the ME Wallet team has cookin’ for April. More perks, more benefits - exclusive to the Magic Eden Wallet.
No Fools Here: Magic Eden Wallet April Perks Update

April 1, 2024

By psalm

It’s now April; and we continue to avoid grass as we’re locked in on the raging bull market that is before us. 23 Magic Eden tabs open. 3 monitors side by side. Aping every Ordinals drop and Solana memecoin the GC posts. Ripping energy drinks like no tomorrow. Spamming TG stickers in 7 different chats. 4 hours of sleep. No shower for days.

Old ATH’s to be conquered and old wallet perks to be replaced. We are excited to announce our April lineup!

Perks Available for All ME Wallet Users

April TBA - CryptoSlam:
Dive into the world of NFTs with CryptoSlam’s upcoming mint. Users minting with their Magic Eden wallet will receive additional Power-Ups, and all ME wallet holders will be eligible to participate in a special opportunity to acquire unclaimed NFTs after the initial claiming phase has concluded!

April 9 - GAM3S: Get ready for GAM3S upcoming token event! ME wallet users holding a GAM3 Magic Key inside their wallet will be dropped $G3.

April 11 - Befi Labs: We’re partnering with one of the top BRC 20 trading terminals, BeFi Labs! By using the ME wallet, unlock free trading fees, a boosted claim of BeFi points, and have a chance of winning whitelist for their upcoming Ordinals drop!

April 15 - Flip.GG: For a limited time, use your ME Wallet to create a Flip.gg account and win a Free Lootbox! Open your MagicEden Lootbox immediately and win up to $1000; claimers will have to play with their prize before withdrawal!

And that’s it for April! Stay tuned for our next wave of perks in May. Connect with Magic Eden Wallet and enjoy all the exclusive perks and privileges that come with it!

If you ever need a reminder, head over to our wallet perks page: https://wallet.magiceden.io/perks-benefits

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