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A Comprehensive Guide to SPL Token Integration

Explore the beta integration of SPL tokens on Magic Eden and experience the freedom to pay and list with the tokens you want.
A Comprehensive Guide to SPL Token Integration

Welcome to Magic Eden's beta integration of SPL tokens, where we aim to redefine your NFT experience on the Solana blockchain. Discover the power to pay and list with a variety of tokens, making your transactions more personalized than ever before.

Understanding SPL tokens

SPL (Solana Program Library) is a standard for creating and managing tokens on the Solana blockchain. Similar to ERC-20 on Ethereum, SPL provides a set of conventions and interfaces for both fungible and non-fungible tokens. Fungible tokens represent value like a currency, while non-fungible tokens are unique digital assets.

SPL tokens specifically refer to fungible tokens on Solana. They adhere to the SPL standard, enabling seamless integration with various Solana-based applications and platforms, including Magic Eden's Solana NFT Marketplace. These tokens can represent anything from native blockchain assets to unique assets within a specific ecosystem.

Empowering seamless token swaps with Jupiter integration

Magic Eden is at the forefront of innovation, making strides in the integration of SPL tokens through an advanced liquidity solution. Leveraging Jupiter, the key liquidity aggregator for Solana, Magic Eden offers users a seamless experience with the broadest array of tokens and optimal route discovery between any token pair. Jupiter's mission aligns with Magic Eden's commitment to providing a user-friendly interface and empowering developers with powerful tools. This integration ensures that users can effortlessly access the best-in-class token swaps within the Magic Eden platform, enhancing the overall trading experience.

Paying with SPL tokens - Elevating user flexibility and simplicity

In our commitment to user empowerment, Magic Eden introduces a groundbreaking approach to paying with SPL tokens. Within the user cart, the newly integrated "Pay with" field puts the user in control of their NFT purchase, allowing seamless switching between tokens. By default, the field aligns with the token the listing is in, typically SOL. However, recognizing the diverse preferences of our users, the flexibility extends to choosing any other SPL token from their Solana wallet.

The buy flow is thoughtfully designed to deliver a streamlined, one-step transaction. It kicks off by automatically swapping the user's chosen SPL token for SOL through the power of Jupiter. This automated process not only simplifies the transaction but also requires just one user signature, ensuring an efficient and user-friendly experience.

Listing with SPL tokens - Tailored collections for unmatched diversity

Magic Eden's beta integration of SPL tokens, introducing users to an enhanced listing experience that will progressively expand over time. Initially focusing on specific collections, the platform is geared towards a dynamic and evolving integration.

This integration specifically allows users to list their NFTs with various SPL tokens, enriching the overall trading landscape.  As we introduce this integration, users can anticipate a multitude of opportunities across different sectors. Stay tuned for the expanding horizons of the SPL token listing integration, ensuring Magic Eden remains at the forefront of innovation.

Beta SPL token listing options

Explore the freedom to list your NFTs using specific SPL tokens tailored for different collections:

  • $USDC for Collector Crypt: Opt for the stability of USDC to list and trade your NFTs in the Collector Crypt ecosystem.
  • $BONK for Bonkz: Dive into the vibrant and playful universe of Bonkz using the BONK token, adding an extra layer of fun to your NFT transactions.

Unleashing the potential of SPL integration

Magic Eden's SPL token integration presents exciting opportunities across diverse sectors, transforming the way users engage with NFTs.

Staking protocols: Unlocking flexibility in NFT trading

This innovative feature offers stakers a powerful gateway to leverage their staked SOL. By seamlessly engaging with a dynamic marketplace, stakers unlock the potential to enhance the liquidity and value of their staked tokens. The introduction of liquid staking not only diversifies investment strategies but also creates a fluid ecosystem where staked assets can be actively utilized in the NFT ecosystem, ushering in a new era of possibilities for staking participants.

Gaming: Powering in-app marketplaces

The gaming industry witnesses a revolutionary shift with SPL integration, enabling the creation of in-app marketplaces for NFTs. Developers and gamers alike can now seamlessly trade, sell, and purchase digital assets within gaming ecosystems. This opens new dimensions for the gaming experience, fostering vibrant economies within virtual worlds.

Real world assets (RWA): Digitizing and trading real-world value

Users can now tokenize physical assets, seamlessly representing them on the blockchain using NFTs. This innovative approach establishes a bridge between the physical and digital realms, ushering in a new era of RWA collectibles.

The integration of SPL tokens introduces stability with the use of stablecoins. Users benefit from a reliable value reference, enhancing confidence in transactions within the RWA ecosystem. In essence, SPL integration not only transforms the way we perceive assets in the digital space but also ensures stability, offering users a more versatile and secure NFT experience.


As Magic Eden pioneers the beta integration of SPL tokens, users can anticipate a new era of NFT transactions on the Solana blockchain. Enjoy the freedom to pay and list with the tokens that align with your preferences, backed by the robust infrastructure of Magic Eden and the Solana ecosystem. Embrace the future of NFT transactions with SPL tokens on Magic Eden.

The information provided on this website is provided for general educational purposes only and is in no way financial or investment advice. Certain information may have also been provided to us or prepared by third parties; these materials are provided for convenience and are not an endorsement by Magic Eden. Magic Eden is not liable for any errors, changes or amendments to such information, including any actions taken in reliance on such information.

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