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NFT Marketing 101

A crash course to marketing your NFT project. Let's get your project out there!
NFT Marketing 101

Before you read on, keep in mind that:

  • Marketing for an NFT project is a commitment to your community
  • An engaged community leads to a more successful project
  • Building trust through transparency and honesty is essential

So, how do you stand out amongst the sea of NFT projects?

Seasoned NFT collectors look for three things in every project: art, utility and community! You could master all or some of these things. Either way, to get the word out about your project and build community, you’ll need to get the hang of Twitter and Discord.

Engage with the NFT community on Twitter and promote your project’s unique selling point. Your discord server is where you’ll form deeper connections with your community. Demonstrating quality and originality across the right channels will excite the right audience for (and after) your mint!


Your Twitter profile is the first place to connect with the audience you’re looking for.

The Chimpions has set-up their profile as good as it gets when it comes to economy of characters. Everything on their profile is informative about the project and adds to building hype. Keeping your project simple to understand also makes it easy for your fans to share with their friends.

Interacting with Solana NFT influencers like @TraderKoz or @0xCelon is a good place to start on Twitter. If you engage like you would normally, providing value with a promising project, eventually you will get noticed. You don’t have to spend resources you might not have doing things like giveaways. Giving away your NFT might even devalue it in the eyes of a potential investor, fairly or unfairly.

There are no shortcuts to growth. Incentivize your audience to help get the word out! Organic growth is the most sustainable way to go. With consistently good content, focused messaging and timely engagement, your tweets and posts will eventually garner enough interactions to make it impossible to ignore.

At the start, the biggest milestone for each project is mint day. It’s important that everyone knows the facts about your launch. So, make it easy for your audience. Supply and price should meet market demand for your NFTs to ensure a successful mint. To stand out, underpromise and overdeliver. Shadowy Super Coders didn’t instantly sell out, and less than two months later they became the biggest project on Solana.

After mint, listing news should be communicated ASAP. Staying active after the mint is important; you never want to appear as though the project is abandoned! Communicate and be transparent with your community. Twitter updates will let the community know that the team is still active and delivering.


Discord is more customizable and personal than Twitter. Make it the perfect spot for your community to hang out. Consider giving special perks to the earliest members of your server — make those first relationships count!

Investors often check out the vibe of the Discord server before buying/minting an NFT. More projects are using whitelists like Nekoverse and The Chimpions to give their communities rewards for being early.


Discord servers are as great as they are set up to be! With the right mods, bots, permissions and channels, you can handle any sized community. Remind your community to turn off the ability to receive DMs so they can stay safe. And, organize your channels so it’s easy to navigate! For an example, check out our Discord here!

Try to recruit the most active community members as moderators for your server. It’s also a great idea to have a private chat where mods and the team chat on concerns regarding the server. ThugDAO is known for having the community contribute back value to the Thugbirdz project. You can find similar success with regular communication and engagement.

Discord communities need to be paid attention to thrive. Handled deftly, the server and community can become a selling point for potential members. For example, upon entering the Jambo Mambo server, you are immediately greeted by multiple people and instantly become a part of their community.

Twitter Spaces

The more Spaces you can get into, the better for your project! Listeners often make deeper connections through Twitter Spaces than through tweets. A recent success story is 1/1 artist Valentine Panchine. After speaking in the right Twitter Space, his art is now among the most sought-after on Solana.

In this market, it is almost expected to hear at least one voice from a project. Revealing the voice of a team member is a safe way to soft dox and develop trust with your community. Leading up to mint day, try to have one team member regularly in a Space on the main account. Kylie of Pesky Penguins is an example of a voice that earns her community and project more reputability.

Your project is not done upon sell-out! So, keep attending Spaces and build more relationships within the ecosystem. Collaborations with reputable projects will go far to boost your project’s reputation and keep the NFT community interested. Large accounts in the space like ours will regularly co-host Spaces to give exposure to exciting new projects. Feel free to reach out to us, your project could be up next!

Marketing Checklist ✅

The information provided on this website is provided for general educational purposes only and is in no way financial or investment advice. Certain information may have also been provided to us or prepared by third parties; these materials are provided for convenience and are not an endorsement by Magic Eden. Magic Eden is not liable for any errors, changes or amendments to such information, including any actions taken in reliance on such information.

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